poultry veterinary medicine

Each ml contains:
Enrofloxacin ………………...........…….100 mg

Chicken & Turkey:
Pasteureollosis, CRD (Chronic Respiratory disease) complicated with E-coli, colispecticemia, salmonellosis (white diarrhea), fowl typhoid, early chick mortality, yellow diarrhea and green diarrhea


ASHIENRO 10% is indicated for the treatment of wide varieties of infections caused by gram positive, gram negative bacteria and mycoplasma origin in Chicken, Turkeys, Sheep and Goats.

Chicken and Turkey :Pasteurellosis, CRD (chronic respiratory disease), CRD complicated with E Coli, colibacillosis, colisepticemia and salmonellosis

Sheep and Goats: Respiratory tract infection, gastrointestinal tract infections, uro-genital tract infection and wound infections

Sheep and Goats:

5mg per kg body weight  once daily  or 1 ml of ASHIENRO 10% per 20 kg body weight orally for 3-5 days.

15 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml

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